Stihl 084 122cc 7.9hp Biggest Saw Powerhead 088, Ms880

Full Power! 160+PSI! Everything Works! 30 Day Warranty!

Description :
STIHL 084 122CC 7.9HP BIGGEST SAW POWER HEAD [Model 084, 088, and MS880 belong to the same 1124 Series family. They are the biggest saws Stihl makes.] Professionally rebuilt to original or better specification and tested - new 60mm piston, rings, new or re-honed cylinder, tight and smooth or new crank bearings and many new parts. Everything is working - Oiler works. Brake works. Recoil works. Ignition works. 160+ PSI compression. Crankcase holds pressure and vacuum with no leak (10+ psi and holding). Starts in one or two pulls. Full power just like a new saw but a fraction of the price! Equipped with 0.404" pitch 7-teeth sprocket rim. Serial number 124163249 Looking at this, you must be a pro saw user and have your collection of bars and chains. If you need different sprocket size, we can change it for free (if we have one in stock). We also have new bar and chain combos in various lengths in our eBay Store STIHLFIXING. 30 day satisfaction warranty excludes misuse or abuse. If anything breaks or is not functioning, we will make it right. (See details here.) Saws are dirty by nature. We clean everywhere necessarily so as to make the rebuild and testing possible. We do not artificially clean to make this a show room condition. If you are looking for a new sparkling clean saw, this might not be for you. See the hi-res actual pictures above for the exact condition. If you are looking for a good used saw with a new or full power engine, this is for you, especially if you are an experienced saw user. If we cant find good used parts, we use best quality aftermarket parts (if available) when OEM ones are cost-prohibiting or no longer available. We do not keep track of which parts are new or used or which are aftermarket or OEM. Honesty is the motto for us and we try our best to describe the condition up front. If we make any mistakes, we would appreciate you work with us to address it.

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