STIHL Chainsaws Buying Guide And Tips

If you’ve been looking at different chainsaws, chances are pretty good you’ve come across brand names like Craftsman, Husqvarna, and STIHL. All good chains saws, and all aiming for different consumers. The Husqvarna line definitely targets the bigger industrial sized jobs, but they do also produce machines that work well for the average home owner casual chainsaw user.

The Craftsman chainsaws, are more for the casual user, or maybe as a backup saw. They also make a good alternative to lugging around a big saw, if you don’t want to drag your hefty STIHL or Husky off to the job site. Homelite also makes smaller chainsaws, that would be good for cutting firewood, and taking down smaller trees. Other manufacturers to consider are Jonsered, and Echo. Their not nearly as well known, but do fill a niche.

Husqvarna, and STIHL, do own the majority of the market however, with an estimated eighty percent of the market share. Husqvarna holds a slight lead over second place STIHL. If your in the business of farming, growing, or chopping down trees, than chances your going to go for the Swedish designed and built STIHL, or the German manufactured STIHL.

When buying from a chainsaw for sale it is a good idea to know as much about the saw before you buy it. Sometimes just knowing how to operate it is not enough. Here are some quick tips on storage and tree cutting to add to your knowledge base

A chainsaw has a chain that tightens as it cools down so it is a must that after using it, the chain must be loosened. Never store a used chainsaw with unloosened chain for it will destroy its crankshaft and bearings. If the chainsaw will be stored for a long time without using it, coat the bar and the chain with corrosion inhibiting oil. If you will not be using the chainsaw for a long time, you should make sure that the fuel tank is drained and dry. You can do this by running the engine until the carburetor is dry and you see the saw quits running. This will stop the carburetor from sticking. This will also help in the maintenance of the chainsaw. Keep it out of reach of children or any unauthorized persons and store it in a dry, high and locked place.

In buying a chainsaw from a chainsaw sale, you must also know how to use it not only in cutting wood but also on how to fell trees through it. There are two ways of felling trees using the chainsaw. It may be used through the standard or common notch or through the open face technique. Be sure that there is always a manual together with the product that you will buy. Sometimes if you get a used chainsaw from an non reputable source there will not be any documentation. Read and understand the manual properly because this will serve as your guide. Always use the manual because the techniques for felling are stated there. You will really save a lot if you buy a used but still good chainsaw. There are many top brands that that you can choose from: Husqvarna, Poulan, Stihl, Homelite McCulloch and others.

Protective clothing must be bought all along with saw and cutting trees with the chainsaw is hard on eyes & ears. Always make use of the protective glasses & earplugs and steel capped boots & non-slip gloves are recommended.